Hanwha People actively seeking new challenges

A person who actively develops oneself in order to become No.1 in his or her own field.

A person who finds new ways and opportunities with open mindsets and creative ideas.

A person who sets and achieves challenging goals with the confidence that he or she can accomplish them.


Dedicated Hanwha People

A person who puts the top priority on achieving the common objectives and places "we" before "me".

A person who sincerely keeps promises with the customers and continues to create values.

A person who believes in each other's possibilities and cooperates with the others with a strong team spirit.


Hanwha People of Integrity

A person who acts honestly according to the principles without being swayed by any personal gains or interests.

A person who treats other persons and matters fairly based on their capabilities and performances by clearly separating public matters from one’s personal concerns or interests.